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We list some of the most innovative and upcoming crypto projects here are a few:

Feature Project

Starting Market Cap : 24.77M

All-time High Market Cap(ATH) :744M

Starting Market Cap :
All-time High Market Cap(ATH) :
Starting Market Cap :
All-time High Market Cap(ATH) :
Starting Market Cap :
All-time High Market Cap(ATH) :

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Metamoonshots is one of the best platforms which I've come across for my crypto project. The response I received from it was amazing and has helped me scale up my project.

Matt Davis

Metamoonshots is a community that I have seen grow and attended and hosted many AMAs in different communities but I found Metamoonshots to be one of the best communities because it’s built by people who are welcoming. I have participated in this community and have met some of the best minds in this community.

Turner Novak

I was very impressed that it was easy to set up an AMA here. The whole thing only took a few days, and there were no delays or hassles. The questions and answer session went promptly, and everything went according to plan.

Charles Patterson

Metamoonshots has been a great platform for my company, it has helped me to spread and create awareness about my crypto project. The support team is very kind and made our AMA session experience very smooth. Besides that, there are plenty of light-minded individuals in this community which are always curious to learn and help each other out with any issues.

Robert Greene