Is Crypto Becoming A ‘Safety Net’ Amid Banking Crisis

Amid The Banking Crisis Is Cryptocurrencies Becoming A Safety Net

According To Yat Siu Chairman Of Animoca Brandsvolatile Cryptocurrencies Are A Good Investment

At The Web3 Investment Summit In Hong Kong Siu Highlighted The Collapse Of Silicon Valley Bank As An Example Of The Instability Of Traditional Banking Systems

Cryptocurrencies Offer A Safety Net For Investors Seeking Alternative Ways To Store Value Argued Traditional Finance Siu

According To Coingecko The Largely Unregulated Market Will See 60 Percent Of Its Value Evaporate From Its Peak In November 2021

Stable Coins Claim That They Are The Best Cryptocurrencies To Store Value During A Banking Crisis

There Was A Sevenmonth High Of Nearly 1800 And A Ninemonth High Of About 28200

The Secondlargest Stable Coin Lost Its Value To The Dollar In The Middle Of March