$116 Billion Wiped Out From Crypto Billionaire’S Portfolios

Losing Billions In Crypto Crash Losing Billions In Crypto Crash

The Forbes Report States That Crypto Billionaires According To The Recent Report Published By Forbes Have Lost A Total Of 116 Billion In Combined Wealth Since March 2022 The Top Losers Are Shared Next

Sam Bankman Fried The Founder And Exceo Of Now Bankrupt Ftx Exchange Has Fallen From 24 Billion To 0 In December 2022

Gary Wang Gary Wang Gary Wang Is The Cofounder Of Ftx Exchange Who Is Also Charged By Sec Wealth Fell From 59 Billion To 0

Changpeng Zhao The Founder Of Binance Holds A 70 Stake In The Exchange Which Was Valued At 65 Billion In March But Has Dropped To 45 Billion In December

Brian Armstrong The Ceo Of Coinbase Was Worth 6 Billion In March But Now In December He Is Down To 15 Billion

Chris Larsen The Cofounder Of Ripple Xrp Has Seen His Net Worth Decline From An Alltime High Of 43 Billion To 21 Billion

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