About Metamoonshots

Metamoonshots is a top ranked influencer community for crypto investorsđź”® We feature crypto projects through AMA.

Our Solutions


Guiding new investors

We are helping new investors by offering them guidance and educating them in the crypto space with the help of valuable content and guides. We are also providing our users with accurate news to keep them on the right path, so they don’t miss out on any hot topic in the crypto market.


Bringing in the best companies

We are active in the space and we bring some of the best crypto projects to our AMAs. We ask project leaders to explain their vision, current state, future goals and what is their development cycle.


Connect crypto investors with crypto startups

We connect crypto projects in the ecosystem to our investors through our telegram channels. Our experienced team of experts has built a great audience through telegram, YouTube and Twitter.


One-on-one consultations

We believe that every entrepreneur can become and remain successful. We provide consulting services to startup founders who need help to grow in the crypto space. Our goal is to help you avoid pitfalls, understand your competitors, define your market, and create products that customers love.


Business Development

As a strategic partner, we empower you to achieve your business goals. We work smart and fast, with a commitment to excellence in service that allows us to succeed at times when it may be difficult for other companies.


Community Engagement

By managing the community where it's most needed through announcements, developments and updates to facilitate community growth, we're able to bring together members by sharing ideas and material.


Marketing Operations

We deliver an efficient system for you to focus on growth and opportunities. We will design your calendar and then manage it for you so that you are efficient with your business.


Promotion and Distribution

We have a good network of distribution and offer great distribution services for your products or services with good promotion. We ensure your product gets the attention it deserves.

Hear From The Team

I started Metamoonshots to solve the problems of the investors, as I myself was finding a lot of noise revolving around the crypto space which was a fuss. So, I with a few of my friends started Metamoonshots to eliminate all the fuss and scams which were running to protect the investors and collaborate with new and upcoming evolutionary projects.”.



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Business Development